Full Service Salon and Salon Packages

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Our Salon
  Here at Beauty on the Spot we want everyone to have a personal and relaxing experience. everyone is welcome! We have an experienced team of professionals. Treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure or massage, or try a new hairstyle if you're feeling daring!

   We  will also cut cancer patients hair at no charge if they are in treatment, and as there hair grows back we will clean it up. we are able to do this because of YOUR SUPPORT.


  On The 


Bedside Services 
 We come to the patients bedside at Wellington Regional to pamper them and help make their experience at the hospital more comfortable and relaxing.dial from any hospital. Ext. 2599

Weddings and Events

 We also come to you to do hair and makeup for your wedding or other special events.  Our stylist are exceptionally skilled at what they do.


Beauty on the Spot is proud of the success  of our new full service salon, located at 13833 Wellington trace (  E5) in the  Wellington Market Place off of Wellington Trace and Greenveiw Shores. We look forward to seeing you here.